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Access the Future of Cybersecurity: LogicON-Demand

Experience the best of LogicON 2023 at your own pace. With our Digital Pass, the future of cybersecurity is a click away. Dive into on-demand videos from industry pioneers, explore groundbreaking sessions, and ignite your innovation journey – all from the comfort of your screen.


Revolutionizing Network Security: Extreme Networks' Universal Zero Trust Solution

Join Extreme Networks' webinar to discover their cutting-edge Universal ZTNA solution for securing diverse environments, simplifying network management, and implementing identity-based access controls.


Keynote: The War You Didn’t Know You Were Fighting

Expert ransomware response services, negotiation, awareness training, and preparation consultations. CEO and keynote speaker Kurtis Minder offers insight from 10+ years of experience working with ransomware incidents.


Unlocking Insights: An Open Forum for Your Burning Cybersecurity Questions

Access cybersecurity insights in LogicON's open forum hosted by Steve Rivera, CRO, Joshua Skeens, CEO, Keith Johnson, Logically expert, Buddy Pitt, vCSO, and Zack Finstad, Director of Cybersecurity Operations, in this on-demand session.


Innovations Unveiled: Reflecting on 2023 and Previewing the Future Landscape

Get an insider look at 2023's pivotal cybersecurity shifts and a preview of innovations coming in 2024 from Logically expert Keith Johnson.


Mental Health & Resilience: Navigating the Demands of Tech Leadership

Gain insights on mental health, resilience, and work-life balance for tech leaders facing growing cybersecurity demands with speaker Amanda Berlin, CEO of Mental Health Hackers.


Navigating the Evolving Landscape: Unpacking Current and Future Cybersecurity Regulations and Insurance Mandates

Navigate the evolving cybersecurity regulatory and insurance landscape with help from Security Consultant Michael O’Hara, in this on-demand session.


Cyber Crisis Management: Navigating the Aftermath of a Cyberattack

Watch this on-demand session to get a blueprint for cyber crisis management and learn how to navigate the aftermath of an attack with speakers Todd Barrett, Director of Cybersecurity Sales of Logically, Buddy Pitt, vCSO, and Anthony Cihan, Principal Engineer of Logically.


Beyond the Office: Exploring the Intersection of Cyberthreats and Employee Personal Space

Keith Johnson, Jr., a Logically expert, dives into insights securing the new frontiers of work beyond the office, including home networks and personal devices during this on-demand session.


Cybersecurity and Customer-Centricity: Adapting Customer Experience in Response to Evolving Threats

Learn how to evolve cybersecurity into a customer-first strategy that builds trust and loyalty in this on-demand session featuring speaker, MJ Patent, VP of Marketing at Logically. 


The Rise of Shadow IT: Challenges, Opportunities, and Governance

Harness the power of shadow IT while minimizing risks, and get proven strategies for governing and integrating unsanctioned systems with Buddy Pitt, Logically vCSO.

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