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Leverage intelligent networking solutions to reduce risk, improve operating efficiency, and grow revenue.

4 Ways that a Managed Service Provider Adds Value to Your Business

Take Scalable, Secure, and Reliable Networking Solutions to the Extreme

Emerging cybersecurity threats, escalating demand on network bandwidth, and soaring customer expectations are putting pressure on organizations in every industry—from education to retail to manufacturing—to reevaluate their network infrastructures.

Together, Extreme Networks and Logically help businesses rise to the challenge of this new networking reality by providing wireless and switching network management, network monitoring, and managed cybersecurity, design, implementation, support, and maintenance services.

“Ninety-four percent of retailers said there is endless demand for bandwidth on their constrained networks, and 72 percent of retailers say they would prefer a single network that can handle any/all future devices and deployments.”
Extreme Networks Benchmark Report: The World is Connected: The Store Must Be Too, December 2023.

Wireless Network Challenges and Common Concerns

Today’s businesses need a comprehensive networking technology strategy to provide reliable access to critical business applications, secure sensitive customer and company data, and ensure an exceptional user experience across the network.


  • Cyberattacks are becoming more frequent and harder to detect
  • Unauthorized network access puts sensitive data at risk


  • Outages and downtime can result in lost productivity, revenue, and customers
  • Interference from devices, other networks, and physical objects impacts network connectivity

Speed and Performance

  • Over-extended bandwidth increases latency 
  • Unexpected network traffic fluctuations degrade performance


  • More devices and  more distributed users put a strain on network resources
  • Failure to anticipate growing network usage results in congestion and performance issues


  • Failure to meet regulatory requirements for data security and privacy may result in penalties and lost business 
  • IT resources struggle to enforce security policies and controls

User Experience

  • Customers and employees expect 100 percent uptime
  • Dead spots and high latency negatively impact user experience

Security-Focused Wireless Solutions and Services

At Logically, our customers trust us to provide and support network technology that is reliable, scalable, and exceptionally secure. To ensure we exceed customer expectations, we partner with Extreme Networks.

This partnership connects our expert-level cybersecurity and network monitoring services with their unmatched expertise in delivering wireless and switch network design and management. Extreme Networks provides industry-leading solutions with unified, full-stack management of access points, switches, and SD-WAN and uses machine learning technology to analyze both network and user data points, providing insight into your network performance and security from end to edge to cloud.

As an experienced managed security service provider, Logically understands the numerous responsibilities of modern IT professionals. We also understand how difficult it can be to maintain expert-level knowledge of the technology you support.

Our team of experienced wireless experts will work with you to manage regular changes in design and configuration, ensure that performance issues are addressed quickly and efficiently, and maintain a reliable, secure network environment for your users.

Supercharge your wireless network with Extreme Networks and Logically.


Performance Optimization

We have invested countless testing and training hours into ensuring that we understand how your business tools communicate to configure the allocation of network resources and maintain optimal performance. We utilize Extreme Networks Wi-Fi planning tools and the best wireless industry mapping software to ensure that each access point is placed strategically and performing optimally in every customer environment.


Navigating Complexities: A Guide to Planning For IT Deployments and Migrations

Strategic Network Mapping

Proper planning is at the forefront of every successful wireless implementation. Logically’s wireless site survey services, combined with Extreme Network’s best-in-class managed wireless network solutions, ensure that your wireless network is designed with your environment and business needs in mind.

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Wireless Assessment

Let Logically conduct a  comprehensive evaluation of your wireless infrastructure, including wireless network security protocols, access control, and device security. 

We will use this information to enhance the security and performance of your Extreme Networks wireless network infrastructure, reduce network downtime and maintenance costs, and improve compliance with regulatory requirements.

Logically has greatly benefited our security posture by giving me peace of mind to know our network is secure and watched over in an ever-changing world.
Joe Campbell
System Administrator, CFBank

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