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The Business Case for Device as a Service

Learn how utilizing Device as a Service (DaaS) can accelerate your business. 

As budgets get tighter, purchasing new devices is becoming nearly impossible for many. Because of this, more cost-effective device business models have resulted from the lessons learned about device procurement, management, support, and refreshes, that allow for organizations to manage the entire lifecycle of a device through a simple monthly service cost.

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What will this whitepaper cover?

  • What is Device as a Service?

Learn more about the concept of Device as a Service (DaaS) as a means by which organizations can cost-effectively manage the entire device lifecycle.

  • The State of Devices in a Remote Workforce 

Learn how a remote workforce influences what devices are used which, in turn, impacts the organization’s security, productivity, and finances.

  • The Business Benefits of DaaS

Review the core values that DaaS offers to organizations who employ it.

  • The Value of DaaS as part of Employing Managed IT Services

Learn about the major benefits of using an MSP to support and roll out DaaS your business.

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Look at the challenges of managing computer hardware and software, and why businesses should consider outsourcing to a Managed IT Service Provider (MSP) through a Device as a Service offering.